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50 Things About Me: More stuff than you probably ever wanted to know.

1. I always have a glass of water by my bed at night but rarely use it.
2. I was the last kid in my class to lose their first tooth. I think I was in 3rd grade!
3. My favorite flowers are lilies. The stronger the smell, the better.
4. My favorite junk cereal is Peanut Butter Kid’s Crunch from Aldi’s.
5. I’ve only broken one bone in my life—my arm when I was 4 or 5.
6. I used to always get the Presidential Fitness Award when I was in elementary school. My best event was the sit-ups.
7. I think I hate asparagus, but I actually like it.
8. I don’t like raw tomatoes on anything other than a BLT.
9. I had my braces put on and then had my wisdom teeth taken out within two days of each other. It was a rough week for my mouth.
10. I’ve been wearing glasses since sixth grade. I was really excited about it back then, but now it’s not so great.
11. I once sang the National Anthem at a Minnesota Twin’s game. However, it wasn’t as cool as you might think. They pre-record it and you just lip sync because of the reverb in the Metrodome.
12. I grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania.
13. My dad is a retired high school music teacher, and he was my choir director in high school.
14. Abraham and I get addicted to TV shows via the internet.
15. My first job was when I was 13 years old. I worked full-time during the summer at the local amusement park.
16. I’ve only been stung by a bee one time in my life, and that was on my tongue. I was walking and talking and before I knew it there was something weird in my mouth that I spit out. And since it was my first bee sting I didn’t know if I was going to have an allergic reaction, so I was basically just sitting there waiting to see if my tongue was going to swell and choke me to death.
17. In high school I sang Alto II in choir and Soprano I for my voice lessons.
18. I used to HATE mayonnaise. I like it a little bit now, but only on certain things.
19. I only had one pet as a child, a cat named Mork.
20. I’ve never been to Florida. Weird, right?
21. I love staying at hotels with a pool, even now as an adult.
22. I don’t really like eating salad at home. I like it out at a restaurant or even at other people’s houses, but it just tastes different at home.
23. I am really bad at painting my nails. I’m also really bad at remembering to take it off—I just let it slowly chip off.
24. I think my least favorite job would be a waitress/server.
25. I wish I were charismatic/skilled enough to have a TV show. I don’t know what it would be about.
26. I love picking blueberries. I wish I could do it for my job. Just kidding.
27. My favorite fruit is fresh pineapple.
28. I never went off the continent until I was 26 years old, when we traveled to England and Scotland. And I haven’t been off since, but not by my choice. If anyone has an extra house in England/Scotland/Wales/Ireland/Australia (or really anywhere) that they want to let us use, let me know. 😉
29. My favorite salad dressing is probably ginger sesame.
30. My eyes are green, but Abraham says they change color depending on the scenario.
31. I really like putting lotion on my feet.
32. I like it even better when Abraham rubs lotion on my feet.
33. I have only owned one car. It’s a 1996 Honda Accord and it’s been the best car in the whole world.
34. My favorite Blizzard at Dairy Queen is Butterfinger. I think it’s been my favorite since the Blizzard was invented.
35. My hair is naturally curly/wavy, so I have to blow dry it straight. If it’s humid in the summer, I let it go curly.
36. I hate going to bed with wet hair, unless it’s really hot.
37. I loved being in musicals in high school. I wish real life were more like a musical; everyone would just randomly bust into the same song and choreography together.
38. We kind of have a weird, quirky language that we use at home. Even Orison uses some of the vocab we’ve invented.
39. I used to love New Kids on the Block as a kid. I even went to one of their concerts. My mom is amazing; I’m not sure I would do the same for my kids.
40. I don’t know how to snap my gum, which is probably better, because it would annoy people.
41. I never had guacamole until I was probably 25 years old. Now, I love it!
42. I don’t think I would go out of my way to go see the president, any president.
43. My favorite chain restaurant is probably Chili’s.
44. I have 8 nieces and nephews.
45. I’m not a big pet person.
46. I always talk about wanting to live in the “fake country”—I want the scenery of country but also be able to get to Target in 10 minutes, tops.
47. I over-pack for every trip.
48. I’ve only been camping one time in my life—last summer. It was definitely car camping, where your car is within 50 yards and you have fully-functional showers and flushing toilets. I liked it a lot more than I was expecting to, and we’re even talking about doing it again this summer.
49. I keep my external hard drive in a fire-proof box. If I lost my pictures, I think I would cry for days.
50. My favorite music is probably alt. country/folk.

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Are you as distracted on the internet as I am? A poll.

So many times I go to post on my blog or write an email or just look something up on the internet, and before I know it I’ve been sucked into the vortex of social networking applications. Does this happen to you?

I suppose if I were really organized and disciplined, I would make a list of internet to-dos and complete those first. And then I could visit my social network sites. I’d probably get more done, but I’d be so anti-social!

April 1, 2009 at 7:28 pm 20 comments

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