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I am a Christian. I had grown up in church on and off for most of my life, but in December of 1995, I experienced a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ when listening to a pastor read from the Bible at a punk rock concert. I knew from that moment that Jesus really died for all the horrible things I’d done, though he didn’t deserve it, and that I couldn’t live the same way with that knowledge. God changed my heart and life that night.

I am a wife to Abraham since September of 2003. We met a year before that, began dating in March of 2003, got engaged in May of 2003, and got married in September. It was a delightful whirlwind to get caught up in.

I am a mother of three children–Orison with us, who is four years old; Felicity with the Lord, who was stillborn on September 22, 2007; and Morrow, born in August of 2008. I stay at home most of the time with the kids, enjoying all the moments of mommyhood that are precious (and even the one that are not so precious). I love being a mom.



I am a speech language pathologist. I work on-call at a children’s hospital. Right now it means I work whenever they need me. It’s very flexible, thus why I like it.

I am a knitter. I love it, love it, love it. I’m not awesome or anything, it’s just something I really enjoy.

I live in Minnesota. That is a sentence I thought I would have said a few years ago and now would be finishing with something else, but here we are. We live in Minneapolis, very close to downtown. I have fantastic friends here, Abraham’s faithful family, and a great church. This is a good place.

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